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Los amigos de La Familia Perez tienen un 20% de descuento en los siguientes productos y servicios de CovertHart, de por vida!

Quien es Coverthart, y que hacen?

CovertHart es un proveedor de servicios de Seguridad Informática. Nos especializamos en el Manejo de Infraestructuras Criticas, Respuesta a Incidentes y Respaldo de Datos en nuestro Cloud privado. Somos el Proveedor #1 de Servicios Informáticos en el Sur de la Florida!

CovertHart Network Security, Inc offers products and services that are currently prohibited from export or re-export to Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, or to any country subject to U.S. Trade Sanctions, also to any person or entity named on the lists of entities and individuals subject to economic sanctions. More information about these restrictions, as well as updates, please refer to the OFAC’s website at: 


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We will return your call within 24 hours. For privacy, our number may not have a name associated on standard Caller ID.

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