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IT Managed Services

CovertHart is a local MSSP, we specialize in Cyber Defense, IT Managed Services, and Data Protection solutions.

IT Managed Services

CovertHart offer the benefits of a dedicated team of IT Professionals and the complete spectrum of IT Managed Services and Solutions needed for operating and administering enterprise networks. Customers who leverage CovertHart's IT Managed Services reap the benefits of subject matter expertise to their IT Operations reducing cost, boosting productivity and shortening lead times.

We understand the principle and top priorities of your organization and will ensure that your infrastructure is ready to handle today's most demanding challenges with scalable solutions that grows with your organization without compromising reliability or data integrity.

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HelpDesk Support

Our multilingual support engineers are an extension to your team. Availability and Experience translate to increased productivity and a healthier and stable environment.

Network Infrastructure

We ensure high performance, network availability and redundacy while reducing your operational overhead and unnecessary down time so you can focus on what you do best.


The expertise of our Engineers supporting Critical Infrastructure (CIP) of some of our nations most vulnerable environments will guarantee that your organization is always well protected and resilient.


CovertHart Private Cloud (IaaS) solution can help your organization to reduce cost, address resource constraints or replace aging infrastructure with the latest innovations in cloud technology.

Warehouse Inventory Field Deployment

We offer logistics solutions specifically designed for those organizations with a mobility force that requires "Ready to Go" assets on short notice. Temporal storage, re-imaging and pre-configuration, plus super-fast shipping.

Cloud Backup

CovertHart Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution offers multiple levels of recovery following the 3-2-1 backup rule and industry best practices for every possible scenario. The data is encrypted at the source, in transit and destination.

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