CovertHart :: Vulnerability & Risk Assessment

Vulnerability & Risk Assessment

Cybersecurity assessment, Penetration Testing, and Risk Management approach.

Vulnerability & Risk Assessment

CovertHart provides situational awareness and actionable intelligence for the end-customer to be a step ahead in the game and to proactively remediate their security challenges and to improve their security posture.

CovertHart has the skills and the platform to simulate the most complex enterprise networks and real life attacks. We conduct these exercises under rigorous supervision and every step is documented including the actions and recommendations to address the security weaknesses found during the process.


Proactive Threat Detection

Find and resolve the vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that allow privilege escalation, lateral movement and data compromise before attackers do.


1. Vulnerability identification

Create a comprehensive list of hardware and software assets present in their environment.

2. Vulnerability analysis

Identify the security vulnerabilities impacting the assets identified in step one.

3. Risk assessment

Determine a quantifiable threat or severity score for each vulnerability and the negative impact to the environment.

4. Remediation

The process of proactively identifying and mitigating security vulnerabilities and reducing threats.


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